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Attracted by the beauty of melodic beats and coordinated hand movements of “DIKIR BARAT” – a traditional Malay cultural performance ensemble originating from Kelantan, Malaysia, the group was formed in 1993 by a bunch of passionate teenagers. Membership grew and has since established itself as one of the prominent groups in Singapore.

The name ULAN was officially used by the group in 1995 and has expanded its passion into various cultural and modern performance arts like Kompang/Hadrah, traditional Malay and modern dance, ethnic drums and others. To accommodate to growing memberships, sub-groups like WULAN, WAI, WAYAN and CHING CHING CHING have been formed to support and to be pillar of ULAN & Co.

Being INNOVATIVE and POSITIVE, ULAN & Co had their debut album launched in 1998 and have won numerous individual and group awards in various competitions held locally in Singapore.

ULAN & Co has and will always “WOW” audiences with their own song compositions, high energy levels and creative performances in invitational events and ceremonies, concerts, festivals and competitions.

With belief of “There is always an X in ULAN”, we promise to eXcite, eXhilarate and eXplode audiences with eXclusive and eXtraordinary performances each and every time eXceeding eXpectations.
Our Performance
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1) Performances:
Dikir Barat, Dance (traditional / modern), Kompang / Hadrah ,Samba / Ethnic drums ,Singers
2) Workshops:
Trainers / Instructors
3) Productions:
Photographer / Cameraman, Videoman, Sound systems / Lightings, DJ / Emcee / Artist , Magician, Composer / Lyricist
4) Event Planner:
Wedding / Birthday / Coorporate